Understanding the meaning of Smart Working is not immediate and not so intuitive. In Europe, as in Turkey, it is heard more and more often, and the attention towards "smart" working methods is growing: according to the results of the Smart Working Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan (2019), 58% of large companies in the EU have already introduced concrete initiatives. Among the most interesting results of the last year, there is an increase in the spread of Smart Working in SMEs: structured projects have gone from 8% to 12% today, informal ones from 16% to 18%. However, there is also a shadow: even the percentage of companies disinterested in the topic has grown, worryingly, from 38% to 51%. In the last year, too, the Public Administration has made great strides towards a "smart" working model: today 16% of public administrations have structured agile work projects (in 2018 it was 8% and in 2017 5%), 1% have started informal initiatives and another 8% have plans for next year