Project LAB-ADA objectives are to create outputs useful for adults, adult educators, labour advisors, policy-makers, social partners, public employment services and learning providers that can help to create better opportunities for adults with low skills. What is more, the majority of low-skilled adults takes part in learning to advance their career. However, learning opportunities do not always equip them with the skills needed for the labour market. 

Only two in three adults think that participation in training helped them achieve positive employment outcomes, such as performing better in their current job, being promoted, getting a (new) job or a higher salary. Further, two in five adults who take part in training, participate in health and safety training only, while knowledge of health and safety is an important requirement to reduce the likelihood of work accidents. We will work in the innovation to make adult learning more interesting and relevant for adults with low skills.

The direct target groups of the LAB-ADA project are low skilled adults and adult educators. Needs of the target groups will be fulfilled, while supporting: a) adults with low skills to upskill and reskill which is imperative for a future of work that is both more productive and inclusive; b) adult educators giving them tools of non-formal digital learning opportunities.

Additional to the Target group of the LAB-ADA project, target group of results use will be:

-Formal and non-formal adult learning providers including secondary schools, colleges, universities, employers, unions, and community centres, non-profit organizations, public libraries, private companies, religious institutions, museums, etc.

-Individuals: Employed, unemployed adults, with the deferent purpose, including job or career reasons, belter wellbeing reasons, educational reasons, or personal interest.

-Adults education administrators, programs designers, etc.