Project wants to develop innovative training for older people 60+ (pensioners with differences in each country) using a combination of reminiscence tools and artistic skills. The Care-Arts training (face to face) is a social laboratory based on informal learning thanks to a methodology based on expressive arts (photography, visual art, music, theatre ). 

The creation of this training involves various professional figures (psychologists using expressive therapy methodology, educators, experts in photography and expressive arts, trainers experienced in adult education, artists). Therefore, the Project aims to respond to a target in conditions of social isolation (seniors) and, on the other hand, to professionals stressed by the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic (artists). 

FSW is an art and health Project that explores the link between memories, creativity, and well-being with the following objectives: 

-the reduction of seniors isolation; -the improvement of their social participation;

-the improvement of personal competence and abilities (cognitive, social, communicative);

-the improvement of the intergenerational dialogue between seniors and their relatives;

-the generation of new relationships between seniors and their neighbors;

-the generation of neighborhood networks, local communities (support between citizens and families living on the territory);

-the decrease of structured social support thanks to the Project;

-the engagement of seniors in other cultural and social opportunities offered by local institutions/entities (i.e. social clubs); -

the involvement and engagement of local institutions;

-the development of new professional competencies on seniors training;

-the increase of training services involving seniors;

-the increase of visibility of partners in adult education at the national and international levels.

The arts sector has been hard hit by the crisis following COVID-19: the closure of fairs, exhibitions and shows has caused the loss of many opportunities. For these reasons, the project directly involves artists and experts of expressive arts, victimsof the economic crisis. Our Project aims to respond to a target in conditions of isolation and, on the other hand, to professionals stressed by the pandemic.

 Specific objectives for the direct target group seniors, for their communities and for our organisations are:

-To prevent and reduce loneliness and social isolation of older people;

-To improve their personal competence and abilities;

- To promote and generate intergenerational dialogue;

-To contribute to developing local social inclusive contexts;

-To develop professional multi-sectoral competencies on seniors training; -To increase training services involving seniors;

-To increase the national/international visibility of our organization in the adult education sector.