There is a gap regarding 'key language skills', 'basic skills' and 'employability skills'. All migrant adults need a broader set of skills to find fulfilling work and become independent, engaged citizens who contribute to society.

The course is aimed at adult migrants (18 years and older) involved in I-VET and C-VET education and at C-VET trainers/teachers working with technological and digital subjects and is specifically designed to support migrants in improving their language skills and overcome the language challenges they will face in the host country.

This course represents an online mentor, offering an interactive platform, innovative learning and self-assessment tools for self-improvement of language skills.

The main objectives are:

1. Provide VET students (national as well as migrant), VET teachers and the local business community with in-depth knowledge of influencing factors and skills conducive to host national language competences through the development of pedagogical material for future job or business creation;

2. Develop VET teachers' pedagogical approaches - through the improvement of digital competences - which can be used for new VET activities interested in implementing a work-based model for individualised, blended adult learning.

3. Encourage VET students (especially migrants) to become aware of, test and continuously improve their level of language skills through the development of self-assessment tools.